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  • ​Numerical simulation of combustion and soot under partially premixed combustion of low-octane gasoline  

    Y. An, M. Jaasim, R. Vallinayagam, S. Vedharaj, H. G. Im. B. Johansson  

    Fuel 211, 420-431 (2018)​
Combustion simulation, Low octane gasoline, Partial premixed combustion, Soot particle, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) and partially premixed combustion (PPC) in compression ignition engine with low octane gasoline  

    Y. An, M. Jaasim, V. Raman, F. E.H. Pérez, J. Sim, J. Chang, H. G. Im, B. Johansson  

    Energy 158, 181-191 (2018)
Low octane gasoline, HCCI, PPC, Flame index, Premixed combustion
  • Auto-ignition and spray characteristics of n-heptane and iso-octane fuels in ignition quality tester 
    M. J. M. Ali, A. Elhagrasy, S. M. Sarathy, S. H. Chung, H. G. Im  

    SAE Technical Paper, 2018-01-0299 (2018)​
Computational fluid dynamics, Ignition systems, Fuel injection
  • Analysis of the current–voltage curves and saturation currents in burner-stabilised premixed flames with detailed ion chemistry and transport models  

    M. Belhi, J. Han, T. A. Casey, J. Y. Chen, H. G. Im, S. M. Sarathy & F. Bisetti  

    Combustion Theory and Modelling 22 (5), 939-972 (2018)​
1D premixed flames, iV curve, saturation, charged species, CH predictions
  • Direct numerical simulations of reacting flows with detailed chemistry using many-core/GPU acceleration  

    F. E. H. Pérez, N. Mukhadiyev, X. Xu, A. Sow, B. J. Lee, R. Sankaran, H. G. Im  

    Computers & Fluids 173, 73-79 (2018)​
Direct numerical simulation, Combustion, Chemistry solver, GPU acceleration, MPI+X programming
  • A surrogate fuel formulation to characterize heating and evaporation of light naphtha droplets  

    I. Kabil, J. Sim, J. A. Badra, Y. Eldrainy, W. Abdelghaffar, M. J. M. Ali, A. Ahmed, S. M. Sarathy, H. G. Im & A. Elwardany  

    Combustion Science and Technology 190 (7), 1218-1231 (2018)​
Droplet evaporation, Multicomponent, Surrogates, Naphtha, Effective diffusivity model
  • In-cylinder combustion and soot evolution in the transition from conventional CI mode to PPC  

    Y.An, M.J.M. Ali, V. Raman, H.G. Im, B. Johansson  

    Energy Fuels, 32 (2), 2306-2320 (2018)​
Low Octane Gasoline, Partially Premixed Combustion, Soot Particles
  • ​Computational singular perturbation analysis of super-knock in SI engines  

    M. Jaasim, E.-Al. Tingas, F.E.H. Pérez, H.G. Im  

    Fuel, 225, 184-191 (2018)​
Computational singular perturbation, Pre-ignition, Super-knock
  • Numerical investigation of injector geometry effects on fuel stratification in a GCI engine  

    N. Atef. J. Badra, M. Jaasim, H. G. Im, S.M. Sarathy  

    Fuel, 214, 580-589 (2018)​
Light naphtha, Multi-hole spray, Hollow-cone spray, Stratification
  • ​Chemical kinetic insights into the ignition dynamics of n-hexane  

    E.A. Tingas, Z. Wang, S.M. Sarathy, H.G. Im, D.A. Goussis  

    Combustion and Flame, 188, 28-40 (2018)​
CSP, Explosive dynamics. n-hexane. Third sequential O2 addition reactions, Autoignition, Low-temperature oxidation
  • Heavy fuel oil pyrolysis and combustion: Kinetics and evolved gases investigated by TGA-FTIR

    A.G.A. Jameel, Y. Han, O. Brignoli, S. Telalović, A.M. Elbaz, H.G. Im, W.L. Roberts, S.M. Sarathy

    Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, volume 127, pp. 183-195, (2017)
Heavy fuel oil, TGA-FTIR, Pyrolysis, Combustion
  • Effect of burner geometry on swirl stabilized methane/air flames: A joint LES/OH-PLIF/PIV study

    Z. Lu, A.M. Elbaz, F.E.H. Perez, W.L. Roberts, H.G. Im

    Fuel, volume 207, pp. 533-546, (2017)
PIV/OH-PLIF, LES, Flame structures, Swirl stabilized flames, Burner quarl
  • Simulations of planar non-thermal plasma assisted ignition at atmospheric pressure

    T. Casey, J. Han, M. Belhi, P. Arias, H. Im, F. Bisetti, J. Chen

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (3), 4155-4163, (2017)
Plasma assisted combustion, Electric field, Ignition
  • Dynamics of bluff-body-stabilized lean premixed syngas flames in a meso-scale channel

    J. Leek, H. Im

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (1), 1569-1576, (2017)

Premixed flame, Flame instability, Blow-off Bluff-body stabilization, Micro-combustion
  • On the effects of fuel properties and injection timing in partially premixed compression ignition of low octane fuels

    N. Naser, M. Jaasim, N. Atef, S. Chung. M. Sarathy, H. Im

    Fuel, 207,373-388, (2017)
Light naphtha, Partially premixed compression ignition, Combustion, Fuel stratification, Low octane gasoline
  • Computational characterization of ignition regimes in a syngas/air mixture with temperature fluctuations

    P. Pal, M. Valorani, P. G. Arias, H. G. Im, M. S. Wooldridge, P. P. Ciottoli, 
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (3), 37053716, (2017)

Direct numerical simulation, Strong and weak ignition, Ignition regimes, Temperature fluctuations, Computational singular perturbation
  • The i− V curve characteristics of burner-stabilized premixed flames: detailed and reduced models

    J. Han, M. Belhi, T. A. Casey, F. Bisetti, H. G. Im, J. Y. Chen

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (1), 241-1250, (2017)

Premixed flamesm, Current-voltage characteristics, Electric field, Chemi-ionization, Charges
  • Effect of timing and location of hotspot on super knock during pre-ignition

    M. Jaasim, F. E. Hernández Pérez, S. Vedharaj, R. Vallinayagam, R. W. Dibble, H. G. Im
    SAE Technical Paper, 0148-7191, (2017)​

Computational fluid dynamics, Knock, Spark ignition engines
  • Computational study of stratified combustion in optical diesel engine

    M. Jaasim, F. E. Hernández Pérez, S. Vedharaj, R. Vallinayagam, B. Johansson, H. G. Im
    SAE Technical Paper, 0148-7191, (2017)​​

Simulation and modeling, Optics, Diesel/Compression Ignition engines, Combustion and combustion processes
  • A model for allometric scaling of mammalian metabolism with ambient heat loss

    H. S. Kwak, H. G. Im, E. B. Shim
    Integrative Medicine Research, 5(1), 30-36, (2016)​

Body heat transfer, Scaling law of metabolism, Theoretical analysis
  • A new procedure to develop lumped kinetic models for heavy fuel oil combustion

    Y. Han, A. M. Elbaz, W. L. Roberts, H. G. Im
    Energy & Fuels 30 (11), 98149818, (2016)

Lumped kinetic models, Heavy fuel oil combustion
  • An improved ghost‐cell immersed boundary method for compressible flow simulations

    C. Chi, B. J. Lee, H.G. Im
    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 83 (2), 132148, (2016)

Ghostcell immersed boundary method, Flow simulations
  • Direct Numerical Simulations of Statistically Stationary Turbulent Premixed Flames

    H. G. Im, P. G. Arias, S. Chaudhuri, H. A. Uranakara
    Combustion Science and Technology 188(8), 1182-1198, (2016)

Combustion regimes, Direct numerical simulation, Flame particle tracking, Premixed combustion, Turbulent flames
  • Effects of In-Cylinder Mixing on Low Octane Gasoline Compression Ignition Combustion

    J. Badra, A. Elwardany, J. Sim, Y. Viollet, H. G. Im, J. Chang

    SAE Technical Paper, 2016-01-0762 (2016)


In-Cylinder Mixing, Gasoline Compression ignition
  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Ethanol/Diethyl Ether Mixtures in a CI Engine

    V. Sivasankaralingam, V. Raman, M. J. M. Ali, A. Alfazazi, T. Lu, H. G. Im
    SAE Technical Paper, 2016-01-2180,(2016)​

Experimental and Numerical Investigation, Ethanol/Diethyl Ether Mixtures, CI Engine
  • Hollow-Cone Spray Modeling for Outwardly Opening Piezoelectric Injector

    J. Sim, J.A. Badra, H.G. Im
    54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 14-52, (2016)​

Hollow-Cone Spray Modeling, Piezoelectric Injector, Linear instability sheet atomization
  • Modeling of Heating and Evaporation of FACE I Gasoline Fuel and its Surrogates

    A. Elwardany, J. Badra, J. Sim, M. Khurshid, S. M. Sarathy, H. G. Im
    SAE Technical Paper, (2016)

Modeling of Heating, Evaporation of FACE I, Gasoline Fuel, Surrogates
  • Ozone production with dielectric barrier discharge: effects of power source and humidity

    X. Zhang, B. J. Lee, H. G. Im, M. S. Cha
    IEEE Trans Plasma Sci, Vol. 44, pp. 2288-2296, (2016)

Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), Global model, Humidity, Ozone, Power source
  • Physical and chemical effects of low octane gasoline fuels on compression ignition combustion

    J. Badra, Y. Viollet, A. Elwardany, H. G. Im, J. Chang
    Applied Energy, 183, pp. 1197-1208, (2016)

Naphtha fuels, Low-octane fuel, Gasoline compression ignition engine, Mixing, Ignition delay times
  • A computational study of ethylene–air sooting flames: Effects of large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
    P. Selvaraj, P.G. Arias, B.J. Lee, H.G. Im, Y. Wang, Y. Gao, S. Park, S.M. Sarathy
    Combustion and Flame 163, 427-436, (2016)
Soot model; Laminar flames; Method of moments; Reduced mechanism; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
  • A flame particle tracking analysis of turbulence–chemistry interaction in hydrogen–air premixed flames

    H.A. Uranakara, S. Chaudhuri, H.L. Dave, P.G. Arias, H.G. Im

    Combustion and Flame 163, 220-240, (2016)

Direct numerical simulation; Turbulent premixed flames; Displacement flame speed; Flame particle tracking
  • A new formulation of physical surrogates of FACE A gasoline fuel based on heating and evaporation characteristics

    A.E. Elwardany, S.S. Sazhin, H.G. Im

    Fuel 176, 56-62, (2016)

Heating; Evaporation; Droplet; FACE gasoline fuel; Surrogate
  • Spray Modeling for Outwardly Opening Hollow-Cone Injector

    J. Badra, H. Im, A. Elwardany

    SAE Technical Paper, (2016)

Sauter mean diameter (SMD), outwardly-opening injectors
  • A flame particle tracking analysis of turbulence-chemistry interaction in hydrogen-air premixed flames

    H. A. Uranakara, S. Chaudhuri, H. L. Dave, P. G. Arias, P. G, H. G. Im

    Combustion and Flame, (2015)

Direct numerical simulation, Turbulent premixed flames, Displacement flame speed, Flame particle tracking
  • A Computational Study of Ethylene-Air Sooting Flames: Effects of Large Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

    P. Selvaraj, P. G. Arias, H. G. Im, Y. Wang, Y. Gao, S. Park, S. M. Sarathy, T. Lu, S. H. Chung

    Combustion and Flame, in press, (2015)

Soot model, Laminar flames, Method of moments, Reduced mechanism, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
  • Combined Influence of Strain and Heat Loss on Premixed Flame Stabilization

    L. Tay-Wo-Chong, M. Zellhuber, T. Komarek, H. G. Im, W. Polifke

    Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 1-32, (2015)

Turbulent combustion, Premixed flame, Strain rate, Heat loss
  • A computational study of syngas auto-ignition characteristics at high-pressure and low-temperature conditions with thermal inhomogeneities

    P. Pal, A. B. Mansfield, M. S. Woodridge, H. G. Im

    Combustion Theory and Modelling, 19(5): 587-601, (2015)

auto-ignition, syngas, flames, numerical simulation, ignition regimes
  • Dynamics of flow–soot interaction in wrinkled non-premixed ethylene–air flames

    P. G. Arias, V. R. Lecoustre, S.Roy, Z. Luo, D. C. Haworth, T. Lu, A. Trouvé, H. G. Im

    Combustion Theory and Modelling 19 (5), 568-586, (2015)

Non-premixed flames, soot formation, moment method, direct numerical simulation, turbulence
  • Effects of fuel injection parameters on the performance of homogeneous charge compression ignition at low-load conditions

    S. H. Keum, P. Pal, H. G. Im, A. Babjimopoulos, D. N. Assanis

    International Journal of Engine Research, 1468087415583597, (2015)

Homogeneous charge compression ignition, direct injection, charge stratification, spray cone angle, injection pressure, flamelet modeling
  • Assessment of flamelet versus multi-zone combustion modeling approaches for stratified-charge compression ignition engines

    P .Pal, S. H. Keum, H. G. Im

    International Journal of Engine Research, 1468087415571006

Flamelet, multi-zone, turbulence–chemistry interaction, homogeneous charge compression ignition, computational fluid dynamics, auto-ignition, stratified engines
  • A Regime Diagram for Autoignition of Homogeneous Reactant Mixtures with Turbulent Velocity and Temperature Fluctuations

    H. G. Im, P. Pal, M. S. Wooldridge, A. B. Mansfield

    Combustion Science and Technology 187 (8), 1263-1275

Ignition regimes, Scaling analysis, Temperature fluctuations, Weak/strong ignition
  • A computational study of droplet evaporation with fuel vapor jet ejection induced by localized heat sources

    J. Sim, H. G. Im, S. H. Chung

    Physics of Fluids (1994-present) 27 (5), 053302, (2015)

Fluid drops, Surface tension, Evaporation, Liquid Surfaces, Marangoni convection
  • Dynamics of bluff-body-stabilized premixed hydrogen/air flames in a narrow channel

    B. J. Lee, C. S. Yoo, H. G. Im

    Combustion and Flame 162 (6), 2602-2609, (2015)

Bluff-body-stabilized flames; Premixed flames; Blow-off; Direct numerical simulation
  • Direct Numerical Simulations of Nonpremixed Ethylene-Air Flames: Local Flame Extinction Criterion

    V. R. Lecoustre, P. G. Arias, S. P. Roy, Z. Luo, D. C. Haworth, H. G. Im, T. F.  Lu, A. Trouve

    Combustion and Flame, 161:2933-2950, (2014)

Flame extinction, Turbulent diffusion flame, Direct numerical Simulation, Chemical Explosive Mode Analysis, Extinction criterion
  • Development of High Fidelity Soot Aerosol Dynamics Models using Method of Moments with Interpolative Closure
    S. P. Roy, P. G. Arias, V. R. Lecoustre, D. C. Haworth, H. G. Im, A. Trouve
    Aerosol Science and Technology, 48:4, 379-391
  • Analysis of n-Heptane Auto-Ignition Characteristics Using Computational Singular Perturbation
    S. Gupta, H. G. Im, M. Valorani
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 34, 1125-1133, (2013)
Computational singular perturbation, Low temperature combustion, Deflagration, Spontaneous ignition
  • An Experimental Investigation of Catalytic Oxidation of Propane Using Temperature-Controlled Pt, Pd, SnO2, and 90% SnO2-10% Pt Catalysts
    J. T. Wiswall, M. S. Wooldridge, H. G. Im
    Catalysis Science and Technology, 3 (3), 618-625, (2013)
Catalytic Oxidation, Propane
  • Flame-Flow Interactions and Flow Reversal
    G. Bansal, H. G. Im, J. K. Bechtold
    Combustion and Flame, 159, 1489-1498, (2012)
Unsteady premixed flame dynamics, Stagnation-point flow, Burning velocity, Flame-flow interaction, Flow reversal
  • A Spray-Interactive Flamelet Model for Direct Injection Engine Combustion
    S. H. Keum, H. G. Im, D. N. Assanis
    Combustion Science and Technology,184, 469-488, (2012)
Combustion, Flamelet modeling, Numerical simulation, Spray
  • The Propagation of a Laminar Reaction Front During End-Gas Auto-Ignition
    J. B. Martz, G. A. Lavoie, H. G. Im,  R. J. Middleton, A. Babajimopoulos, D. N. Assanis
    Combustion and Flame, 159, 2077-2086, (2012)
Auto-ignition, Knock, Laminar burning velocity, Low temperature combustion, Spark assisted compression ignition, Spark ignition
  • Computational Modeling of Pyrolysis and Combustion in a Fixed-Bed Waste Gasifier
    C. -Y.
    Tsai, H. G. Im, T. Y. Kim and J. H. Kim
    International Journal of Numerical Methods in Heat and Fluid Flow, 22, 949-970 (2012)
Pyrolysis, Gasifier, Waste utilization, Modeling, Heat transfer, Waste
  • Classification of Ignition Regimes in HCCI Combustion using Computational Singular Perturbation
    Gupta, H. G. Im, and M. Valorani
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 33, 2991-2999, (2011)
Computational singular perturbation, HCCI combustion, Deflagration, Spontaneous ignition
  • A Computational Study of  Nonpremixed Flame Extinction by Water Spray
    P. G.
    Arias, H. G. Im, P. Narayanan and A. Trouvé
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 33, 2591-2597,  (2011)
Extinction, Turbulent flame, Direct numerical simulation, Spray evaporation
  • Computational Regime of a Reacting Front Propagating into an Auto-Igniting Mixture
    J. B.
    Martz, H. Kwak, H. G. Im, G. A. Lavoie, D. N. Assanis
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 33, 3001-3006, (2011)
Combustion regime, HCCI combustion, Spark assisted compression ignition, Mild combustion, Iso-octane
  • The Effects of Platinum on Propane/Air Stagnation Flow Flames
    J. T.
    Wiswall, M. S. Wooldridge and H. G. Im
    Combustion Science and Technology,183, 540-553, (2011)
Catalytic combustion, Platinum catalyst, Propane, Stagnation point flow
  • Autoignition and Front Propagation in Low Temperature Combustion Engine Environments
    Bansal and H. G. Im
    Combustion and Flame, 158, 2105-2112, (2011)
Low temperature combustion engines, Thermal and compositional stratification, Autoignition, Direct numerical simulation
  • A Computational Study of Spherical Diffusion Flames in Microgravity with Gas Radiation. Part I: Model Development and Validation
    Tang, M. K. Chernovsky, H. G. Im and A. Atreya
    Combustion and Flame, 157, 118-126, (2010)
Microgravity, Diffusion flame, Extinction, Radiation
  • A Computational Study of Spherical Diffusion Flames in Microgravity with Gas Radiation. Part II: Parametric Studies of the Diluent Effects on Flame Extinction
    Tang, H. G. Im and A. Atreya
    Combustion and Flame, 157, 127-136, (2010)
Microgravity, Diffusion flame, Extinction, Radiation