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  • A flame particle tracking analysis of turbulence-chemistry interaction in hydrogen-air premixed flames

    H. A. Uranakara, S. Chaudhuri, H. L. Dave, P. G. Arias, P. G, H. G. Im

    Combustion and Flame, (2015)

Direct numerical simulation, Turbulent premixed flames, Displacement flame speed, Flame particle tracking
  • A Computational Study of Ethylene-Air Sooting Flames: Effects of Large Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

    P. Selvaraj, P. G. Arias, H. G. Im, Y. Wang, Y. Gao, S. Park, S. M. Sarathy, T. Lu, S. H. Chung

    Combustion and Flame, in press, (2015)

Soot model, Laminar flames, Method of moments, Reduced mechanism, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
  • Combined Influence of Strain and Heat Loss on Premixed Flame Stabilization

    L. Tay-Wo-Chong, M. Zellhuber, T. Komarek, H. G. Im, W. Polifke

    Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 1-32, (2015)

Turbulent combustion, Premixed flame, Strain rate, Heat loss
  • A computational study of syngas auto-ignition characteristics at high-pressure and low-temperature conditions with thermal inhomogeneities

    P. Pal, A. B. Mansfield, M. S. Woodridge, H. G. Im

    Combustion Theory and Modelling, 19(5): 587-601, (2015)

auto-ignition, syngas, flames, numerical simulation, ignition regimes
  • Dynamics of flow–soot interaction in wrinkled non-premixed ethylene–air flames

    P. G. Arias, V. R. Lecoustre, S.Roy, Z. Luo, D. C. Haworth, T. Lu, A. Trouvé, H. G. Im

    Combustion Theory and Modelling 19 (5), 568-586, (2015)

Non-premixed flames, soot formation, moment method, direct numerical simulation, turbulence
  • Effects of fuel injection parameters on the performance of homogeneous charge compression ignition at low-load conditions

    S. H. Keum, P. Pal, H. G. Im, A. Babjimopoulos, D. N. Assanis

    International Journal of Engine Research, 1468087415583597, (2015)

Homogeneous charge compression ignition, direct injection, charge stratification, spray cone angle, injection pressure, flamelet modeling
  • Assessment of flamelet versus multi-zone combustion modeling approaches for stratified-charge compression ignition engines

    P .Pal, S. H. Keum, H. G. Im

    International Journal of Engine Research, 1468087415571006

Flamelet, multi-zone, turbulence–chemistry interaction, homogeneous charge compression ignition, computational fluid dynamics, auto-ignition, stratified engines
  • A Regime Diagram for Autoignition of Homogeneous Reactant Mixtures with Turbulent Velocity and Temperature Fluctuations

    H. G. Im, P. Pal, M. S. Wooldridge, A. B. Mansfield

    Combustion Science and Technology 187 (8), 1263-1275

Ignition regimes, Scaling analysis, Temperature fluctuations, Weak/strong ignition
  • A computational study of droplet evaporation with fuel vapor jet ejection induced by localized heat sources

    J. Sim, H. G. Im, S. H. Chung

    Physics of Fluids (1994-present) 27 (5), 053302, (2015)

Fluid drops, Surface tension, Evaporation, Liquid Surfaces, Marangoni convection
  • Dynamics of bluff-body-stabilized premixed hydrogen/air flames in a narrow channel

    B. J. Lee, C. S. Yoo, H. G. Im

    Combustion and Flame 162 (6), 2602-2609, (2015)

Bluff-body-stabilized flames; Premixed flames; Blow-off; Direct numerical simulation