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  • A model for allometric scaling of mammalian metabolism with ambient heat loss

    H. S. Kwak, H. G. Im, E. B. Shim
    Integrative Medicine Research, 5(1), 30-36, (2016)​

Body heat transfer, Scaling law of metabolism, Theoretical analysis
  • A new procedure to develop lumped kinetic models for heavy fuel oil combustion

    Y. Han, A. M. Elbaz, W. L. Roberts, H. G. Im
    Energy & Fuels 30 (11), 98149818, (2016)

Lumped kinetic models, Heavy fuel oil combustion
  • An improved ghost‐cell immersed boundary method for compressible flow simulations

    C. Chi, B. J. Lee, H.G. Im
    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 83 (2), 132148, (2016)

Ghostcell immersed boundary method, Flow simulations
  • Direct Numerical Simulations of Statistically Stationary Turbulent Premixed Flames

    H. G. Im, P. G. Arias, S. Chaudhuri, H. A. Uranakara
    Combustion Science and Technology 188(8), 1182-1198, (2016)

Combustion regimes, Direct numerical simulation, Flame particle tracking, Premixed combustion, Turbulent flames
  • Effects of In-Cylinder Mixing on Low Octane Gasoline Compression Ignition Combustion

    J. Badra, A. Elwardany, J. Sim, Y. Viollet, H. G. Im, J. Chang

    SAE Technical Paper, 2016-01-0762 (2016)


In-Cylinder Mixing, Gasoline Compression ignition
  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Ethanol/Diethyl Ether Mixtures in a CI Engine

    V. Sivasankaralingam, V. Raman, M. J. M. Ali, A. Alfazazi, T. Lu, H. G. Im
    SAE Technical Paper, 2016-01-2180,(2016)​

Experimental and Numerical Investigation, Ethanol/Diethyl Ether Mixtures, CI Engine
  • Hollow-Cone Spray Modeling for Outwardly Opening Piezoelectric Injector

    J. Sim, J.A. Badra, H.G. Im
    54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 14-52, (2016)​

Hollow-Cone Spray Modeling, Piezoelectric Injector, Linear instability sheet atomization
  • Modeling of Heating and Evaporation of FACE I Gasoline Fuel and its Surrogates

    A. Elwardany, J. Badra, J. Sim, M. Khurshid, S. M. Sarathy, H. G. Im
    SAE Technical Paper, (2016)

Modeling of Heating, Evaporation of FACE I, Gasoline Fuel, Surrogates
  • Ozone production with dielectric barrier discharge: effects of power source and humidity

    X. Zhang, B. J. Lee, H. G. Im, M. S. Cha
    IEEE Trans Plasma Sci, Vol. 44, pp. 2288-2296, (2016)

Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), Global model, Humidity, Ozone, Power source
  • Physical and chemical effects of low octane gasoline fuels on compression ignition combustion

    J. Badra, Y. Viollet, A. Elwardany, H. G. Im, J. Chang
    Applied Energy, 183, pp. 1197-1208, (2016)

Naphtha fuels, Low-octane fuel, Gasoline compression ignition engine, Mixing, Ignition delay times
  • A computational study of ethylene–air sooting flames: Effects of large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
    P. Selvaraj, P.G. Arias, B.J. Lee, H.G. Im, Y. Wang, Y. Gao, S. Park, S.M. Sarathy
    Combustion and Flame 163, 427-436, (2016)
Soot model; Laminar flames; Method of moments; Reduced mechanism; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
  • A flame particle tracking analysis of turbulence–chemistry interaction in hydrogen–air premixed flames

    H.A. Uranakara, S. Chaudhuri, H.L. Dave, P.G. Arias, H.G. Im

    Combustion and Flame 163, 220-240, (2016)

Direct numerical simulation; Turbulent premixed flames; Displacement flame speed; Flame particle tracking
  • A new formulation of physical surrogates of FACE A gasoline fuel based on heating and evaporation characteristics

    A.E. Elwardany, S.S. Sazhin, H.G. Im

    Fuel 176, 56-62, (2016)

Heating; Evaporation; Droplet; FACE gasoline fuel; Surrogate
  • Spray Modeling for Outwardly Opening Hollow-Cone Injector

    J. Badra, H. Im, A. Elwardany

    SAE Technical Paper, (2016)

Sauter mean diameter (SMD), outwardly-opening injectors