Hollow-Cone Spray Modeling for Outwardly Opening Piezoelectric Injector

by J. Sim, J.A. Badra, H.G. Im
Year: 2016


Hollow-Cone Spray Modeling for Outwardly Opening Piezoelectric Injector

J. Sim, J.A. Badra, H.G. Im
54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 14-52, (2016)​



Linear instability sheet atomization (LISA) breakup model has been widely used for modeling hollow-cone spray. However, the model was originally developed for inwardly-opening pressure-swirl injectors by assuming toroidal ligament breakups. Therefore, LISA model is not suitable for simulating outwardly opening injectors having string-like structures at wide spray angles. Furthermore, the varying area and shape of the annular nozzle exit makes the modeling difficult. In this study, a new spray modeling was proposed for outwardly opening hollow-cone injector. The injection velocities are computed from the given mas flow rate and injection pressure regardless of ambiguous nozzle exit geometries. The modified Kelvin-Helmholtz and Rayleigh-Taylor (KH-RT) breakup model is used with adjusted initial Sauter mean diameter (SMD) for modeling breakup of string-like liquid film spray. Liquid spray injection was modeled using Lagrangian discrete parcel method within the framework of commercial CFD software CONVERGE , and the detailed model was implemented by user defined functions. It was found that the new model redicted the liquid penetration length and local SMD accurately for various fuels and chamber conditions.


Hollow-Cone Spray Modeling Piezoelectric Injector Linear instability sheet atomization